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Julianna | Bensalem, Pa Newborn

The time had finally come.. Pammy called me and told me that she had a date picked out for the day Jules was going to be joining us!  I instantly felt a few emotions run through me all at once; surprise, excitement, jealousy, slight anger, and back to excitement.  I was surprised because the date was not only sooner than expected, but it was THAT COMING FRIDAY!!  The excitement speaks for itself.  The jealousy was because she KNEW what day she was going to be able to hold her little girl in her arms (c-section).

Now, I know some of you were confused about the anger part, and even some of you think it has something to do with my last statement, but you're wrong.  I was slightly angry because I not only couldn't go and visit her, but I wasn't going to be able to do the hospital photographs that I was kind of hoping to do.  Although it was probably a slim chance I was going to be able to do it anyways, it was confirmed when I got that call.  Yet, none of that mattered when we picked the date for her newborn session!  I was in complete awe when we got to a certain point in our session, but I seriously loved every minute of it!

Thank you Pammy, Babci + Jadgie for always opening your house to me,
and for allowing me to take over your living room for a few hours! 😄