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the Bettinger's | Fall Family Photos

Dawn is my neighbor who's daughter is just 9 months older than mine. When I noticed she had balloons out on her mailbox when her daughter was born, I bought her a card to leave in her mailbox on one of our trip to New Jersey. Well, she happened to be outside with her family, so I ended up delivering it in person. That gesture is what really started our friendship.

In talking, she learned that I was a photographer and told me how she didn't have any family photos with her children, Jackson + Sydney. We knew then that we needed to make this happen! So, she rounded up the grandparents + her brother-in-law (and son) to join in. Our first attempt wasn't as successful as we had hoped, but it ended up a blessing in disguise! This was my first experience with a beautiful fall shoot! Can you say eye-popping gorgeous lighting and scenery?!!