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A little bit about us

Hello, I'm Jackie☺


I will always be a Philly girl...

I was born in Philadelphia & raised there for most of my young life, then South Jersey until college.  Since then, I have moved to Myrtle Beach and created a life of my own, as well as a pretty awesome family.  I have an amazing husband, five fur babies (three cats & two dogs), a beautiful little girl + a handsome little man.

Looking through the lens of a camera has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  But when I don't have a camera in my hand, I am spending time with my little family ..snuggling with my little man, reading with my growing girl, playing ball with the pups or enjoying some video games with the hubby.  I couldn't ask for more out of life!



This is Michael


A Man who knows his 80's...

Michael was born & raise is Southern New Jersey and studied video production at Stockton University.  He found his way to Bloomsburg, Pa to work as Bloomsburg University's TV & media manager back in 2008.  Before reaching his ten year mark, life decided he was fit for something more.  He found himself packing his things (and family) and heading to South Carolina for his new role as Coastal Carolina University's new digital studio director and lecturer.

When he isn't working, Mike enjoys playing baseball, watching movies, writing scripts and goofing around with his little girl.  His favorite thing is to nerd it up with his daughter about Star Wars or any Marvel movie!  He loves his video games and has way too much useless 80's music knowledge to share.