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A little bit about JMP

What you are to us..
Yes, without you, there is no us, but without you, there is no me.  I live to capture the moments that mean something to you!  I live to see your happiness, your smiles, your tears when there are no words left.. I live to give you the memories you can pass down to your family.

We strive not only to provide the best work we have ever done, but to make the whole experience of working with us something you will remember, enjoy + love.  We want you to be able to smile + laugh when you look back on that special day.  I believe that when you feel comfortable, you feel confident, which leads to capturing your genuine smiles + a clear look at your personalities!  I mean, that's what you came to us for, right?!  You want someone to be able to capture the real you in a picture for you to show off!

I would love to meet you!  I know that sounds cheesy, but you would never go out on a second date with someone you don't like.  I want to make sure I'm the right fit for you.




assistant photographer